Thursday, April 15, 2010

Circa Survive

As i'm sure yall know Circa Survive third album is coming out next week. I've listen to a few songs and I can tell you this. It sounds for a production point completely different. The first two CD where released by Equal Vision but this new one is being release by Altantic Records. The new stuff sounds from a production point of view a big label release. Its more polished, its bigger sounds and its cleaner, its more compressed. That doesnt mean its bad, it just means they stepped up their game. Listen to it. see what you think.

For examples of that i'm talking. Before listening to the new stuff go listen to their song "Stop the F@$&ing Car" its on their myspace the last song. Listen for like a minute then go listen to their new song "Get Out" the second song on myspace. Do you hear the difference?

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