Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Yoga and Coffee

I woke up this morning. It was later then I wanted to wake up but when you go to sleep at 3 am its hard to get up at 9 am. Last night as my previous post tales I deactivated my facebook account. And you know what the first thing I did this morning was? I got up grabbed my phone and headed to the bathroom to take my morning glory. I haven't hardly got my pants before I was checking facebook on my iphone. I was confused when I couldn't get on. I had already forgot that I deactivated it. Wow. How lame is that? Its sad but my life was too consumed by fake relationships. Everyone I care about I call.

anywho. I did yoga after pooping. Good night I'm sore. But it is a good quiet time in the morning. I've always heard we should have a quite time to just think.

I have to work on. but soon i'll let everyone know how Ashley and I's experience in cleaning out the closet continues. Until then remember.

Slay the Jay and Mob the Rob

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Killing Facebook.

The title says it all. Facebook is a distraction and I don't need it. If you want to keep up with me... call me. I like talking.

Tiny Browders


Yesterday was the start of something new. The truth is life has been busy. I work all week and all weekend long. This pass weekend I worked 50 hours alone. Thats not counting the work it did during the week. I'm thinking this is to much. I started thinking I have a lot going on. I need to do something about this. While I'm not at a point where I can stop working so much I am at a point where I can start simplifying my life.

Last night Ashley and I started cleaning out one closet and throwing away a bunch of stuff that we (a) didn't know we had or (b) haven't and wouldn't use ever. It was a little difficult but it was good. We got ridded of a truck load of stuff. Seriously a full truck load. From one (1) closet and we aren't even done with the closet. Why do we have some much stuff? Think of all the money we might have saved. Not only from that stuff but from having a smaller apartment cause we didn't need all the room to storage all the stuff that we don't need. Tomorrow night after we have dinner with some friends we are going to go back and finish that closet.

Next I'm going to get ridded of all the books that I have that I (a) haven't read or (b) have read but I'm not going to reread them (I think I see a pattern). I will keep a handful of books but the rest are gone. After that its on to my clothes. I don't wear half of them anyways. Major overhaul on this. I have a dresser and a closet with clothes. Why you ask? I have no idea. Half of them don't fit. Some might say that it gives me a goal to lose weight and fit back into them. Come on. Lets be honest for a moment. Am I really going to lose that much weight anytime soon? NO. If I do I can for buy new ones and get ridded of the olds. Which brings me to the next point. If I buy a new shirt I have to get ridded of a old shirt. Thats something I want to live by.

One last thing. I did yoga this morning. I found a website about minimalist yoga. I enjoyed it. I need to take it slower. Focus on my breathing. I'm get there. It was nice. It was hard but it was good.

I would like to say that I'm going to blog more but I can't make that promise. But instead of going to watching to tv until 3 am i'm going to read a book and fall to sleep and get up and do yoga. Its time to slow down. Time to size down. Good night.

Slay the Jay. Mob the Rob.