Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A months worth of thinking

I have a new idea for facebook. Maybe its just me but when people have their profile picture to be one of them smiling and have a good time and then their statue is sad, I find this to be awkward at best. So I propose that facebook created a feature where people could store different pictures into different "mood' categories such as Happy, Sad, Angry, etc... For example, the Happy category you could load a picture of you smiling and then in the Sad category you could load a picture of you crying. Then when you are updating your status you could also update your "mood" and then your profile picture would display the emotion that you status is talking about.

But regardless of the greatness of the idea people would not use it, or put happy pictures in the Sad category and say they are being "ironic", or the feature would become useless because we would be to lazy to use it. But nonetheless I think its a neat idea.