Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Kick drum

a good kick drum in music is something i have come to love. A bad kick drum is something i hate. This is one of the biggest reasons why i hate listening to the Professors of Light Cd (sorry Jay). The kick throughout the whole CD sucks. its too boomy and muddy. there is no snap. Its not tight. To make a kick snap you want to boost around 4kHz. that will bring out the beater hitting the drum. Next you want to cut out the frequencies around 400 Hz. The 400 range is where the kick sounds muddy or boxy. by cutting these we clean up the sound. Next you might want to use a shelving EQ at around 80Hz to bring in the bass frequencies. This will get you headed down the right path to a great sounding kick. You will also want to put a compress on the kick to make it more punchy. how much you compress will depends greatly on the style of music you are mixing. you can also at reverb to it if it makes sense too.

There you go. Now get out there and make some great albums.

Monday, April 6, 2009

The death of the music industry?

Today i got a crash course in the music industry from my teacher. here are the things i took away from it.

1. The music industry is not nor is it going to die.
2. physical CD still out sell digital downloads but won't forever.
3. The new business model for the music industry is not new. its how they did it in the 50's and 60's
4. The indie labels need the major labels and the majors need the indies. Neither is going anywhere.

Now of course i could be wrong be misguided.

Second point i like to make is that "Fast and Furious" had the largest April debut in the movie history with 72.4 million. Who cares about whether the movie is good or not, the interesting thing we should look at is that in what some have called the worst economic time since the Great Depression movies are breaking records. We can justify this all we want but the facts are facts. And this fact points to support that people will still spend money on entertainment even when the country ( the world) is hurting.

Third and last point i like to make is what is Obama going to do about North Korea. I don't know but he said that he was going to do something if they launched a rocket and they did now what? I'll be interested to see. So check this out. Way to go Ivy league education. They serviced him well.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I dont care about the grammer and spelling errors

1. So I have two months till I graduate from Full Sail. This month I have Session Recording. I love this class. but it has a butt load of work. This is my day monday through friday. I wake up at 8 go to class from 9-1p then i go to lab from 1-5p then i come home and make love to ashley and then i go back to school from 9p-1a and then come home and sleep. Repeat. for saturday and sunday i have class from 1-5p. Then on top of that i have two projects due in the class by the end of the month. I also have Pro Tools certification this saturday. Then i also have a movie that i'm doing sound fx for that is due by the 27th of April. Then in about a week i'm going back to texas for robbie's birthday and to see jay (and family) and then i'm flying to Nashville cause i have two interviews at two studios one of which my teacher told me that if was going to nashville he would want to work at cause he thinks its the best in nashville. then on top of all that Ashley as applied at Pepperdine in Malibu where they changed the requirements to apply for the job just so ashley could apply ( she as friends in high places).

2. I am greatly looking forward to As Cities Burn new cd and mewithoutyou's new cd coming out soon. Jay your choices are good but l have to say i'm looking forward to these more.