Saturday, August 30, 2008

she is here

So as you might know this blog is called Me and Her and Everyone else. well its time to talk about the her part. She is coming here now. Ashley who is my soon to be wife will be here in about an hour with her dad. The suckie part is that its rain. Of course its raining its Florida. So anywho we are going to move her in anyways because well we dont have much of a choice. (But who wants choices anyways, right). at any rate, i am very happy about this. She is moving into an apartment about 10 minutes north of me. good times. she just called so i've got to go help move instead of telling the blog world that i'm going to go move. 

Friday, August 29, 2008

Music and Movies

Kid Rock has done something that i thought was pretty close to impossible. According to Billboard his latest cd "Rock'n'Roll Jesus" and its single "All Summer Long" have been at the top all summer long (no pun intend) without ( and here is the crazy part) the CD or single being available for download on iTunes. Why he did put it on iTunes beats me but i just now that crazy.

In other news, it has been confirmed that the creator of "The West Wing" who also wrote the screenplay for "Charlie Wilson's War" is working on a screenplay about the founders of Facebook. Thats right Facebook is getting a movie. I'm interested to see how this turns out. but it does support the old says that there are no new ideas. 

so a few things

1. i found (because my teacher told me) this thing called netvibes. maybe everyone else already knew about this but i love it. everyone should check it out cause i now know what is going on in the world and its all on one page. 

2. there is a film that is out or coming out called "What Would Jesus Buy" i really want to see it. its about how much we shop in america and all crazy it is. i really think this is true and it goes along with something i've been thinking about lately. 

Is have a infinite amount of choice a beneficial thing for us as humans?

I dont know yet but i'm leaning towards no. but if it is no, then what can be done about it? If infinite is not what people really need then what is it that people really need?

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Starting Over

So I'm going to start again blogging. Nothing interesting right now but I want this to be full of information such as:

1. things i'm learning at Full Sail
2. Music and Entertainment updates
3. thoughts on religion and things I observe in the world.
4. Things going on in my life.
5. Whatever I want.

So yeah info coming soon.