Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The beginning is the end of something

I dont know if I want to have a bachelor party in denton. I think is might be easier for me to just go see a movie by myself instead. I friends who either (a) dont know each other or (b) dont like each other who I want there. Well it wouldn't be any fun with a much of people who dont know each other or who dont like each other. I could have a small group of people but where do I draw the line between who comes and who doesn't. I'll just end up upsetting someone. Screw it. I don't think (and I could be wrong about this) that my brother wants to deal with planning it. He doesn't know the rest of my friends very well anyways. So its official. No bachelor party in Denton. Now in Florida thats different story. Oh well. Sunday I'll be home. and then Christmas and the wedding. I've got enough on my hands to deal with anyways.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Moral Evolution - The beginning to a short story. Maybe.

So in the end we act more like children then men. Fighting and yelling for attention. The only thing age teaches us is how selfish we really are. I've been around children and I've been around men and everyone in between and I wonder... if we start selfish and then become more altruistic or do we just stay the same. I understand there are exceptions to every rule but I'm talking about the whole of humanity here. Don't you just wonder sometimes how we are all still alive. And then I think, are we born selfish. And if so, how are we taught to be unselfish. Yes, you're right; our parents teach us but if they were born selfish who taught them and who taught them and so on and so on. It just keeps going and going but where did it beginning. I'm amazed at times at the moral evolution of mankind. I guess that's what I find so beautiful about this place. Together we represent the moral devolution of mankind. It's not rocket science how we got here. Evolution will leave behind that which does not change with the majority. We didn't change with the world so the world put us here. I'm not surprised and either should you. We all go where we are supposed to be. In here we are the majority. Morality as taken a different path. Does that make it immoral. Is our moral inferior to the outside. I dont think so. How can you compare moralities. And here is the kicker. The only constant in the world is change. You are either moving up or moving down but you are not staying the same. Stay with me here. If morality is always evolving in some sort of direction then someday our morality and their morality will someday be the same. But here is the million dollar question. What is morality evolving towards and why? What is the goal? And what happens when we stop evolving? Beats me but I'm Tony. Tony Philips. And if you ever talk to me again I'll kill all your children and burn you alive. Welcome to Stone Wall. Now get out of my way.