Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Is this what you had in mind Jay.

If a woman sleeps around with many men does that make her a slut. If a man hits his wife does that make him a wife beater. If a child lies does that make them a liar. If guy saves a woman from being a hit by a car does this make him a hero. If a woman becomes vice president does this make her a leader. Are we just the sum of our actions. Are we define by the past. Are we not more then how people interpret our actions. Which is more important, the intentions of our actions or the perception of our actions. Are our actions even our actions or are they just predetermine actions based on our past. A woman is labeled a slut yet another woman is labeled a leader both based on the actions that they took. Yet if Palin becomes VP i promise you will hear people claim she is not a leader. Where do we draw the line between which actions determine who are and which actions don't. Though this example is not the best you get the point that we as a society are biased on which actions define us and which don't. If the man who saves the woman from the car is a hero but yet he also is the same man who hits his wife, what is he? How are we to judge this man? His actions are not consistent. How are we to judge this man? Your actions are not consistent. How are we to judge you? No one's actions are consistent. But we will judge you. We are all sinners and saints. I have no right to judge you as a slut yet I will. And you will too. We will judge you on your worst actions not the sum of them. Actions are just actions. I agree they are important and they have a huge impact but we are more than our actions. I want to be seen as more than a loud, weird, lying, lustful, rude annoying unproductive person. Though i may act like that i am more than that. I am not the sum of my actions and either is anyone else. Stop judging people by their actions cause G-d knows that your actions will not speak kindly of you. We are more than the sum of our actions. Thank G-d we are. 

P.s. the uses of the word "you" is a general, universal, and collective you. Meaning everyone. Also this should not be taken as a political stands. Palin was used as a example and an example only. Also if you take this to mean that you should whatever you want and no should be able to judge or if you are thinking of people that should stop judging other people, then you have missed the point completely and you should read it again and think that i am talking directly to  you. 

i like pigs

everyone must go to this website and watch the video about the pigs. please. i dont care if you eat pig or not but u should care that pigs are being hurt.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

a penny for your thoughts

"How absurd men are! They never use the liberties they have, they demand those they do not have. They freedom of thought, they demand freedom of speech." Soren Kierkegaard

I was wanting to get people's thoughts on this. So, what do you think?

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

things i learned

though i'm sure no one will know what i am talking about, i want to tell u any ways. Yesterday i learned how to make a kick drum sound powerful and deep. its great. See when you record a kick drum straight up it doesnt sound good. you have to add sounds to it to get it to sound really big. i think its great.

on another note today me and ashley are going to target to register for stuff we dont want or need just so other people can feel better about giving us something. I'm learning that wedding are not about me or my wife to be, its about everyone else. people give feel about themselves when they help the "poor suffering newly weds." but they have a hard time feeling good about themselves when they help the poor suffering hungry people on the street. This bothers me. and maybe it shouldn't  and i'm probably taking it the wrong way but it does. or maybe i got this wrong. maybe its just about tradition. its the way its always been done and its the way everyone does it so therefore we should do it to. Screw that. if nobody ever did things against tradition we wouldnt get anywhere in life or culture. tradition does not equal right. Socrates said,"The unexamined life is not worth living." Though i may have missed the point of that statement and add to the list of people who misquote others for their own selfish needs, i believe that that statement can be applied to tradition and culture as well. we must examine are traditions and culture to find truth and if it is benefical to mankind as a whole. if it doesnt then this life and culture and traditions are wasteful. the truth is everything and everyone changes; we just get to choose how it changes. may we always change toward truth and the benefit of others or our traditions and culture that we love so much will crush us.

ok bye.

Monday, September 8, 2008

if i were a pirate

so Somali is having problem. Besides not having a central government or law of any sort the pirates of the horn of Africa are out for booty. Thats right modern day pirates armed with all sorts of guns are attacking everything including cruise ships taking what the want including people. This is a big problem as you can guess. The UN as sent some ships but the problem with that is you dont know who is a pirate until they have already taken a ship and then its a little late. So what is a solution you may ask. Sound. Thats right beautiful powerful sound. Cruise ships are now arming themselves with "sound guns". When directed at someone, the sound wave at a low frequency and loud enough volume and small enough area will cause a person to have disabling pain in their bellies. This the pirates to vomit and roll on the ground for hours after the ship has driven to safety. 

i think thats neat. sound is great.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Oh yeah its back

so i must confess lately i have been in an unhealthy love affair with the office. i blame this on my roommate and my total lack of self control. see my roommate jamie has ever watched the show so he got the first three seasons on dvd and every night we sit and watch it. so right now i love the office. its a great show and everyone should watch them all again. 

anywho to the point. Rumors are circling around hollywood that they will be making a Ghostbusters three. thats right another ghostbusters. now the truth be told i'm not a big fan of the first two but i am a fan of the office. how does that relate you might ask. good question. Columbia Pictures have hired two writers from the office to write the third ghostbuster. The other thing part are just rumors but Seth Rogen, Steve Carell and Paul Rudd are going to be in the film along with most of the original cast. 

so in conclusion.... i love the office.

oh yeah robbie check out Tokyo Police Club they are great.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

a new theory to support and defend against robbie's flaming liberal ideas

In today's world of unlimited choices and possibilities across a wide range of applications, have left today's youth and even adults discontent, indecisive and unable to commit to anything for any length of time.

Later post will support this theory but right now i need to get ready for school