Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The winds of change

So there is a new Tyler in town. Thats right a new Tyler. No more old but new Tyler. And here are a few things I've learned.

1. The best way to make money is to make your roommate pay you a quarter every time he cusses. 
2. I am becoming a liberal. I know I hate myself too.
3. Women are just as prideful if not more prideful than men.
4. I am becoming a big fan of wine. I find it to be enjoyable and at the same time something new and complex to learn. And no Tiffany I am not a woman for enjoying wine. 
5. I am getting into jazz. I've never liked it before but its growing on me.
6. I love MIDI. I know most of you dont know what that is but trust me its cool.
7. I dont want to live in the USA anymore.
8. Everyone wants someone to talk to them. People are just waiting for someone to take interest in them. 
9. Discipline is a lost art with my generation. We need to be more discipline.
10. I love learning. 
11. The more I drink the worst I am at bowling.
12. I find it crazy and irresponsible that people don't know what is going with the bailout or politics. At least know that there is a bailout and who is running for president.
13. Everyone should check out is the coolest website. Spent some time looking at maps.
14. I love my soon to be wife.

Thats what i've got right now. oh yeah i bought something off ebay for the first time. it was fun.
ok bye bye


Jay said...

1. So your using Jamie? poor guy.
2. Nobody hates you. Step away from the dark side.
4. Awesome, now you can educate me on wine.
5. Jazz is awesome, never thought this day would come.
7. I agree, lets go to Italy. Great food + beautiful country.
8. You are 150% right.
12. Amen.
14. Me too. Wait...

I'm excited for this new Tyler. Was this new Tyler inspired by anyone I know?

tbrowder1 said...

Yeah the new Tyler was inspired by the love and kindness of your mom Jay. she has been a hugh encourager to me.

Paul said...

Ah look like tyler has been getting the same assistance from your mom as I have Jay.